Pastor Appreciation Ideas

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Pastor Appreciation Gift Ideas

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Asian Theme - "We're Fortunate to Have You" Pastor Appreciation Event

Asian Themed Pastor Appreciation Event

Great Resource for Decorations for Chinese/Asian Themed Celebration Event Asian Theme For Pastor Appreciation Event One year, we chose We're Fortunate

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Pastor Trivia Game

This Pastor Appreciation Idea Sponsored By. . .

Pastor Appreciation Guestbook with Bible Verses for Events Up to 200 Guests: Churches Celebrating God's Call to Ministry (Paperback Edition) Trivia

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Pastor Appreciation Candygram

Pastor Appreciation Candygram Gift Idea

Helping Our Pastor Keep Sweet! The idea of presenting a candygrams to our pastor made for a lot of fun for our church. Steps In Making Our Candygram:

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Relationship between pastors leaving ministry and pastor appreciation.

Any relationship with pastors leaving ministry, lack of pastor appreciation, and career change for pastors?

Continue reading "Relationship between pastors leaving ministry and pastor appreciation."

Tapping Creativity for Unique Pastor Appreciation Gifts

Creativity Is a Gift God has gifted so many of us with unique and wonderful talents. For many of us, we are reluctant to draw on out giftedness, our talents,

Continue reading "Tapping Creativity for Unique Pastor Appreciation Gifts"

Encourage Your Pastor with Words of Encouragement

Encourage your Pastor by creatively communicating words of encouragement to your pastor for his or her service to God and the Church

Continue reading "Encourage Your Pastor with Words of Encouragement"

Say Happy Birthday Through Gifts and Greetings

Birthdays Are A Great Time To Express Appreciation Birthday Celebrations provide another occasion for honoring your pastor. Put the Pastor's birthday

Continue reading "Say Happy Birthday Through Gifts and Greetings"

Pastor Appreciation Prayer Calendar

October Pastor Appreciation MonthI take a copy of the October calendar and assign families to a date.This is their day to pray especially for pastor, send

Continue reading "Pastor Appreciation Prayer Calendar"

Church and Community Orientation

When our pastor was relatively new to our church and therefore, to our community, we had a great idea to help orient them to the area. They were anxious

Continue reading "Church and Community Orientation"

Leather Products: Unique Pastor Appreciation Gift Idea

Leather Pastor Appreciation Gift Idea A great unique pastor appreciation gift idea is to give a beautiful leather executive office chair which we hope

Continue reading "Leather Products: Unique Pastor Appreciation Gift Idea"

Golf Gifts Show Appreciation

Golf Gifts For Golfing Pastor Golfing has long been the sporting activity of pastors. Giving golf products as gifts is a winning stroke of genius when

Continue reading "Golf Gifts Show Appreciation"

Golf Swing Improvement For Pastor

Golf Swing Improvement Needed Playing golf is a passion for our pastor and he often shares about his golf game improvement strategies from the pulpit.

Continue reading "Golf Swing Improvement For Pastor"

Mixed Nuts from Nutty Church

Nutty Idea for Pastor Appreciation Gift Internet searches make it easy to find unique and even humorous gift ideas when honoring pastors. I found this

Continue reading "Mixed Nuts from Nutty Church"

Increase Pastor Salary In Tough Financial Times

This Increase Pastor Salary article is sponsored by a Christian Business Program that many have used to support ministries dear to their hearts. Funding

Continue reading "Increase Pastor Salary In Tough Financial Times"

Appreciation Through Blessings and Prayers

Praying Grandparents T-shirt by Christian Wit Shirts

Disclosure: Pastor Appreciation Blessings and Prayers Sponsored by Christian Wit Shirts Church Expressions of Appreciation As a church wanting to have

Continue reading "Appreciation Through Blessings and Prayers"

Pastor Appreciation Pep Rally Theme

Pastor and Family Trivia: Think of combining a Trivia Game and a Pep Rally for this special Pastor Appreciation Celebration. This past year I put together

Continue reading "Pastor Appreciation Pep Rally Theme"

Feed Store Bill Payed In Full

Horse Hobby Can Be Expensive Our pastor LOVES horses and this hobby can become quite expensive. By the way, this hobby is also a key part of his ministry.

Continue reading "Feed Store Bill Payed In Full"

Making Pastor Appreciation Day Special

How To Make Pastor Appreciation Day Special Preparation the Key to A Unique Day On the actual Appreciation Day, we had the pastor and his family come

Continue reading "Making Pastor Appreciation Day Special"

Sports Fan Pastor Appreciation Gift

Kansas City Royals Memorabilia Gifts Several of my pastor friends are Loyal Royals Fans. As soon as I heard that the KC Royals had won the 2015 World Series,

Continue reading "Sports Fan Pastor Appreciation Gift"

Funding Bible Outreach to Honor Pastors

Helping The Pastor Fund Bible Outreach We discovered that while churches and ministries can easily obtain scriptures to use for this outreach endeavor,

Continue reading "Funding Bible Outreach to Honor Pastors"

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