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Pastor Appreciation Pep Rally Theme

Pastor and Family Trivia: Think of combining a Trivia Game and a Pep Rally for this special Pastor Appreciation Celebration. This past year I put together

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Feed Store Bill Payed In Full

Horse Hobby Can Be Expensive Our pastor LOVES horses and this hobby can become quite expensive. By the way, this hobby is also a key part of his ministry.

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Making Pastor Appreciation Day Special

How To Make Pastor Appreciation Day Special Preparation the Key to A Unique Day On the actual Appreciation Day, we had the pastor and his family come

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Sports Fan Pastor Appreciation Gift

Kansas City Royals Memorabilia Gifts Several of my pastor friends are Loyal Royals Fans. As soon as I heard that the KC Royals had won the 2015 World Series,

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Funding Bible Outreach to Honor Pastors

Helping The Pastor Fund Bible Outreach We discovered that while churches and ministries can easily obtain scriptures to use for this outreach endeavor,

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Pastor Appreciation Prayer Calendar Idea

Create A Pastor Appreciation Prayer Calendar Pastor Encouragement Gifts Prayer Calendar For The Pastor Being on a pension has made me come up with some

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Contact Lenses for Less

For Many Budget Conscious Shoppers, Walmart Shopping Is A Money Saving Choice: USA, LLC

Many families have more than one family member needing a budget priced source for contact lenses. Check out Walmart for good prices.

Gift Card to a Book Store

Thanks for your suggestion, DrDanbro. Just one sentence, short and to the point. Gift Card to a Book Store Books are the life of a pastor. Seems our

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Canvas Photo Prints To Show Pastor Appreciation

Canvas photo prints are unique and personal gifts when it comes to showing Pastor Appreciation. Favorite Personal Photos Enlarged! Our pastor's office

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Vacations And Travel Gifts A Triple Blessing

Vacations and Travel Gifts Show Appreciation Travel related gifts are a favorite for many but when it comes to pastor appreciation, giving the gift of

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Golf Swing Improvement For Pastor

Golf Swing Improvement Needed Playing golf is a passion for our pastor and he often shares about his golf game improvement strategies from the pulpit.

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Sock It To the Pastor

A Unique Wardrobe Improvement Strategy New clothes for the pastor are usually tough to buy because of all the variations in sizes. That is true for

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Scrapbooking Memories and Blessings

Scrapbooking Idea Sponsor: Scrapbook SuperCenter for Discount Scrapbook Supplies Scrapbook Captures Special Appreciation Event For Future Memories Several

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Helium Balloon Celebration

Helium Balloons Reach Toward Heaven Make a list of things to pray for concerning your pastor. such as: each child's names separately, pastor's spouse,

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Cash Gift: Money Gifts Show Appreciation

This Submission sponsored by Amazon Gift Cards: Shop Amazon Gift Cards - Instant Delivery or Free One-Day Shipping Giving Money or Gift Cards Appreciation

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Responding To Our Pastor's Loss

This Pastor Appreciation Idea Sponsored by Biblica Direct: Give the gift of God's Word in memory of a loved that will encourage those who are struggling

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The Value Of Gold

Gold Is More Valuable On Sundays We receive golden nuggets from our pastor each time he preaches. These of course aren't real nuggets, but things we

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Pastor Appreciation Christmas In July

There is a little over a week left shop DaySpring’s annual Customer Appreciation Sale! Everything at is 25% off with the coupon THANKS25, including Clearance.

Summer is a great time to honor your pastor, showing appreciation for faithful service to God and your church.

Motown Sunday

Motown Classics Spark Musical Theme Our Pastors love the Motown classics and so we decided to let their musical taste become the basis of Motown Sunday.

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Give Me Adagio Teas

Adagio Teas - Best Tea Online

My daughter asked for Adagio Tea when gift giving was discussed. She loves the gourmet quality teas that they offer and so that is what I will give her.

She claims Adagio offers the most flavorful tea blends and says we will love Adaiio teas abundant flavor and intoxicating aromas. Sounds to me like she is one of their marketers yet I know that if someone really likes a product, they are the best marketers.

Since she loves Andagio's Gourmet Teas so much, perhaps you should include them in your appreciation gift giving ideas.

Click on the following link to visit the website and you can

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