Funding Bible Outreach to Honor Pastors

by Paul
(San Diego, CA)

Helping The Pastor Fund Bible Outreach

We discovered that while churches and ministries can easily obtain scriptures to use for this outreach endeavor, the pastor often funds this scripture distribution himself.

So several of our members decided to honor the pastor by funding our pastor's Bible sharing project.

Outreach Bible Source

We found a great resource for buying Bibles in bulk to help our pastor with his Bible gifting ministry.

You can see these life changing resources at the following link: Low cost Outreach Bibles at

We discovered that ChurchSource offers HUGE savings on distribution Bibles and other outreach resources. What a joy to help our pastor give away the Word of God.

The Gift of God's Word Changing Lives

Since we too have been transformed by the Word of God, we wanted to partner with our pastor in this Bible gifting ministry.

We felt the cost should be covered by members of our church, and so went to the site and ordered Bibles in bulk.

Should you also do this, it will be a tremendous boost to your pastor in reaching your community with the message of God's love.

Evangelism Through Bible Outreach

Again, you can partner with your pastor in the Bible distribution ministry that will be a great encouragement as you partner in the gospel.

Order Outreach Bibles at!

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