Making Pastor Appreciation Day Special

by Rita Dison
(Anchorage, Alaska)

How To Make Pastor Appreciation Day Special

Preparation the Key to A Unique Day

On the actual Appreciation Day, we had the pastor and his family come up to the front of our sanctuary and then have the congregation surround them to pray over them, with a special song playing in the background.

At least that is what you would see take place but there was so much more done to prepare for this event:

First, I sent out letters to inform the congregation what pastor appreciation is all about. By the way, this was not only in October. See below.

Second, I include as many people as possible. The whole idea is to have the congregation expressing their appreciation, not just a few of us.

For example, I assigned each member who wanted to participate for our big day in October to do something individually for the pastor. It could be an inspirational card, gift cards, taking pastor out for lunch, having the pastor's family over for a meal.

Daily Expression of Appreciation for the Month

We attempted to have a gift or card for each day of the month. That way he received something for 31 days. I called people the night before to remind them that their day was next. He enjoyed gift cards of every kind plus all kind of unique expressions of love.

Expressing Pastor Appreciation Throughout the Year

We would do something to honor our pastor and family each month of the year, usually not as big of an event, just something expressing our love to let them know we care.

We do this not only to express our love but to remind us as a church that each of us have been the recipients of God's love, having received the gift of eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ.

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