Write A Pastor Appreciation Poem 

Searching For A Pastor Appreciation Poem

My pastor and clergy appreciation poetry searches revealed a need for pastor appreciation poetry resources. In fact, that interest prompted the creation of this unique ministry website.

Of course I wish I had the skills to produce exactly what you need in expressing tributes to your pastor through poetry.  Since I do not, let me suggest poetry resources for you to explore.

Developing The Pastor Appreciation Theme

Poems expressing appreciation to the pastor are a popular heartfelt method to convey a congregation's gratitude to their pastor.

Since poetry expresses thoughts and concepts in a unique way that captures the heart, why not write your own poems of gratitude.

Personally I have never considered myself creative enough to write poetry. I have discovered some poetry writing resources I can recommend to those searching for pastor appreciation poems.

Poetry Writing Software

One of the best writing resources is WriteExpress.com They have one product that includes a poetry writing software tool called Rhymer. That link will take you to an online poetry producing tool.

If you want the more robust poetry writing software, just order their flagship product 4,001 Business, Sales & Personal Letters on that same page.

How To Write Pastor Appreciation Poems Using Rhymer

Please note that you run Rhymer from inside Microsoft® Word. The new downloadable version of Rhymer installs on the Add-Ins tab of Microsoft Word.

So, as you use Microsoft® Word to write your poem, you can insert rhyming words directly into your poetic document. If you have a Macintosh or a different Windows word processor, you can still run the program by itself and copy and paste words into your document.

Who better to write original pastor appreciation poems than those in the pastor's own congregation. Using this 93,000-Word Rhyming Dictionary means you can find a rhyme in no time.

The good news is that you will not only have Rhymer, you get a very needed church office software program, namely the 4,001 Business, Sales & Personal Letters that was mentioned above.

Other Poetry Resources

Why not write a pastor appreciation poem yourself? You have several poetry resources available for you to do so.

  • Your own creativity as you express your feelings through verse.
  • Finding someone who does have the skills to write poetry, perhaps someone in your own congregation. 
  • Adapting poems already written such as public domain poetry (do not plagerize but use poems from the past as a starting point for expressing appreciation for your pastor).
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