Appreciation Gift Ideas

Coming Up With A Pastor Appreciation Gift Idea

Appreciation gift ideas are easy to come up with, especially if you use Amazon as I have for exploring  gift-giving possibilities. 

Your emphasis upon giving gifts that focus on gratitude captures what Pastor Appreciation is all about.   Gifts to express thanksgiving may just be the perfect way to honor your spiritual shepherd.

Gift giving flows from gratitude and thanksgiving and express to your pastor your sincere appreciation for all he or she does for your church as your spiritual shepherd.

Show appreciation through

People like tee shirts and there are Christian t-shirts that make great gifts showing appreciation.  Some show witty sayings that make for a wearable gift showing your gratitude and thanks.  Other shirts have humorous sayings while some feature memorable Christian quotes.  There are even scripture verse tee-shirts which express your appreciation to your pastor and church staff.

A funny T-shirt is an example of a humorous pastor gift idea and you can find some by clicking on the following link:  Christian Witness Tee-shirts.

I am in the process of developing a Christian Witness Wear line of products that will provide a perfect way for "witnessing through humor".  Wearing shirts with inspirational quotations or humorous sayings can open faith conversations with those curious as to the meaning of the quote.

Witness Wear Shirts are not just for pastors!  These faith-focused shirts can be worn by anyone looking for a unique method of sharing their faith.

Faith Conversations Prompted
By Christian Sayings

Many of us as Christians find that bearing witness to our faith in Christ is a challenge.  Pastors want to be examples to their flock when it comes to sharing their faith so I developed a line of tee shirts using inspirational sayings and quotations to launch witnessing opportunities.

Here are the witness outcomes that may result from wearing FAITH-FOCUSED APPAREL:

  • Tee Shirt message prompts the question "What does that mean?" and gives opportunity for Christian witness and positive encouragement.
  • Christian Witness Wear t-shirts spark faith conversations with uplifting messages calling for a personal relationship with Jesus.
  • Positive Christian Message prompts an interaction, providing opportunity for witnessing to others through humorous quotes and witty sayings.

An appreciation gift idea that helps Christians express their faith in a positive, even humorous way, is what these shirts will be all about.  May God bless your testimony of God's love as you share His love with people in your sphere of influence.

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