Pastor Trivia Game

by Judy Sephus
(Vincent, OH)

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Trivia Game Idea For Pastor Appreciation Celebrations

We celebrated Pastor Appreciation Day last year through our own trivia game.

Trivia Game Strategy

Our trivia game began by listing trivia (fun facts - approx. 10) about each one of our Pastors on a master list.

After a special pastor appreciation luncheon, everyone present was given a pencil and piece of paper and as each trivia fact was read, they had to decide who the fact pertained to.

Small prizes were given to the people with the most right answers.

What Are Some Trivia Facts To Include?

Find out some of the obscure facts about each of the pastors such as:

  • Birthplace

  • Where they attended seminary

  • How many children were in their birth family

You can choose your own unique facts to include in your own pastor trivia game, making some easy to guess and other facts more difficult in order to make the game challenging.

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