Golf Swing Improvement For Pastor

by Paul, With A Story About Improving Your Golf Swing
(Great Golfing Cities Anywhere Throughout The World)

Golf Swing Improvement Needed

Playing golf is a passion for our pastor and he often shares about his golf game improvement strategies from the pulpit.

Most of his golfing stories focus on golf swing improvement to better his game but he also uses these golfing stories to better his life. A good golf illustration can help even those of us not into the game of golf if we just substitute in our minds whatever hobbies or interests capture our attention.

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Golf-swing Improvement Products

A Non Golf Swing Back Injury

He wasn't laughing but he did understand that the joke was on him as he recently recounted how improving his golf swing caused painful back problems.

As he shared his golf related back injury, he said the pathetic truth of the matter is that he wanted to show his golfing buddies the correct loft of the ball, so bent over and picked up the ball.

He simply threw the ball the correct height to make his golfing lesson point. As soon as he released the golf ball, he felt a painful twinge in his back. The pain was so bad, he had to call the game and limp back to his car.

I guess his golfing partner believed his story and helped him get his clubs back to the car.

Golf Swing Improvement Clubs

Our golfing fanatic pastor would have had a better golf strategy lesson had he used the proper training club rather than pitching the ball on to the green by hand.

Maybe there is some type of invisible back injury device near golf greens that zap anyone throwing the ball onto the green rather than using the proper golf club.

At least he has one more story to use as a golf related sermon illustration if he has the courage to share it.

Meanwhile, I have decided to look for a good golf swing improvement gift that will give him confidence in showing other golfers how to improve their swing. Somewhere there must be Golf Swing Training Videos that would show proper golfing techniques that would be easier on his back!

Of course, he would say he needs a better set of golf clubs (as you can see in the following golfing product link. And yes, I do earn a commission from affiliate links on this page if someone purchases a golfing product).

New Golf Clubs to Protect the Pastor's Back!

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