My Ministry Career Story Came Alive When I Was Told How To Become A Chaplain

Ministry Career Story Reflects God's Leadership

My ministry career story details my career change from local church pastor, how I became a chaplain, to my present role as an Internet Chaplain, and as God has lead, back to serving as an associate pastor of a local church.

Ministry career stories have within them God's leadership and mine is no different. When a hospital chaplain shared how to become a chaplain, a series of events unfolded, eventually launching this Christian website focusing on pastor appreciation day.

My photo to introduce myself  in my ministry career story on this pastor appreciation idea website

Pastor Appreciation Day? Don't You Mean Pastor Appreciation Month?

The reason for saying pastor appreciation day rather than pastor appreciation month is that people, in their online search strategy, enter keywords searching for pastor appreciation information, often using the keyword pastor appreciation day.

But I'm getting ahead of myself, so let's get back to my ministry career story, the focus of this personal career information page.

My Ministry Career Story: Being Told How To Become A Chaplain Caused Me To Re-think Ministry Career Concepts

Personal career information: Greetings from San Diego! My name is Chaplain Paul L. Slater. I am a healthcare chaplain, endorsed by the Church of the Nazarene, and a Board Certified Chaplain, and now that retirement has come, a board certified chaplain (retired status).

While my ministry career is now a retired professional chaplain, I have served as a hospice chaplain, hospital chaplain, and county government chaplain.

And now my career journey includes how, because of the internet, my chaplain ministry extends far beyond what I dreamed possible. How so?

  • It was the personal awareness that 1500 pastors are reportedly leaving ministry each month that prompted me to begin an internet based ministry called Change Career With Purpose. This faith-based website is located at and uses the keyword careers to focus attention on career change options for pastors experiencing pastor burnout.
  • This present pastor appreciation website, also a ministry focused website, began with a desire to encourage local churches to honor their pastor or pastors. home page, based on the pastor appreciation theme, features positive steps a church can take to make Pastor Appreciation Day an every day emphasis.
  • And to be totally clear, this site also is a way to fund my ministry through multiple online earning strategies.

Ministry Funding Resources Provide Financial Support for Ministry

As I share my ministry career story you will see that I believe strongly in fulfilling the Great Commission of Christ through internet evangelism.

I personally use what I consider to be the best kept secret for church websites or ministry focused websites -- SBI, also known as SiteBuildIt!, launched my ministry career on the internet.You will find that I also see the internet as a tool to encourage the body of Christ. Additionally I discovered that the internet provides ministry funding resources that provide financial support for my internet ministry.

My Ministry Career Includes How To Become A Chaplain

In telling my personal career story I also include my experience of pastoral burnout. Far more pastors are considering career change than most people realize.

To me pastor burnout is when a pastor feels stuck in ministry, feeling useless because of a lack of ministry results.

It was when a Nazarene hospital chaplain told me how to become a chaplain that I rediscovered the joy of pastoral ministry through a chaplaincy career.

My career change journey reveals that the best career change for pastors is in exploring ministry career options beyond a local church pastorate.

The result of that challenge to change career focus is described as follows:

  • My chaplain training was in both a hospital setting and in a residential center for abused children, where I completed Clinical Pastoral Education requirements for chaplain certification.
  • Before choosing a chaplain career, I served as a parish pastor for 30 years for the Church of the Nazarene.
  • My "change career journey" included serving local churches as senior pastor and also as an associate pastor.
  • One of the most fulfilling ministry assignments I had was serving as a Faith Coordinator for the County of San Diego, where I was a liaison between the faith community and government.

By focusing on career change for pastors and by describing how to become a chaplain, my hope is help you understand why I want to help churches make pastor appreciation day celebrations more than a calendar event.

By sharing pastor appreciation ideas, my desire is to help your church to be a healthy church, one for whom pastor appreciation day is an every day experience.

As I conclude my ministry career story, I mentioned the progression from how I become a chaplain to becoming an internet chaplain.

Perhaps you too, see the internet aa a tool to impact our world with the positive message of God's love. If so, check out Solo Build It or SBI Video Tour For Your Website Creation.

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