Appreciation Through Blessings and Prayers

by A Church Expressing Love and Appreciation

Praying Grandparents T-shirt by Christian Wit Shirts

Praying Grandparents T-shirt by Christian Wit Shirts

Disclosure: Pastor Appreciation Blessings and Prayers Sponsored by

Christian Wit Shirts

Church Expressions of Appreciation

As a church wanting to have a reputation for loving our pastor, we wanted to bestow blessings and prayers on our pastor.

During Pastor Appreciation Month we always do something all together, usually at a pastor tribute dinner (or potluck) or at a special evening event to honor our pastor.

How We Encourage Our Pastor

In past years the church has occasionally sent them on a meaningful family trip or weekend get-away-vacation.

Other times we have covered the expenses to attend a church conference but that is not really a gift, just being responsible as a congregation to see to it that our pastor has opportunity to expand ministry concepts and improve leadership skills.

Blessings Expressed At a Shower of Blessings

Our Pastor Appreciation Dinner included a unique way to honor the pastor, through a Shower of Blessing!

Our Sunday School bought our pastor's wife a beautiful bouquet of her favorite flowers, to which we attached small note cards wrote Thank You notes and special blessings.

How we honored the wife of our pastor was a blessing in itself. During the evening to honor our pastor and his wife, our children carried the flowers in one or two at a time, until she held the entire bouquet. She cried because she was so thrilled to be honored and appreciated.

Giving the Gift of Prayer

This year one of the elders suggested that in addition to thanking our pastor, we pledge to pray for each of their grown children (who are all married with children) and let them know that we were supporting them this way.

Those of us who are parents of adult children know that is a very powerful blessing. As one of the Christian Wit Shirts says, "Praying Grandparents Are a Gift from God!" Well so is a praying church that prays for the pastor and his family.

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