Tapping Creativity for Unique Pastor Appreciation Gifts

by Shae

Creativity Is a Gift

God has gifted so many of us with unique and wonderful talents. For many of us, we are reluctant to draw on out giftedness, our talents, to give a gift.

When the question is asked "What should we give our pastor in appreciation for being our spiritual shepherd?, we default to products or gift cards.

Gifting Flowing From Our Giftedness!

Some of the most prized expressions of appreciation arose from someone's creativity.

Think of all of the gifted people in your church whose creative abilities could be tapped:

  • Artists

  • Poets

  • Woodworkers

  • Song writers

  • Authors

  • Woodworkers

  • Chefs

  • Singers

  • Dancers

  • Clothing Designers

Your list could go on and on with creative-type folk unique to your congregation. Each one with a potential gift flowing out of their creative gifting.

So Let Your Creativity and Giftedness Express Itself!

Thanks to Shae from Miami for the seed thoughts for this article with these suggestions:

  • write a poem

  • sing a song

  • do a dance

  • do a rap about how much you appreciate your pastor

Add to that list of creative expressions many more that your talented members could come up with as they express their creativity in gifts of love!

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