Increase Pastor Salary In Tough Financial Times

by Anonymous Increased Salary Proponent
(Salary increases in a tight economy challenge us financially)

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Salary Questions Faced

Increasing salaries in tight times is a challenge to any employer. Salary concerns for church staff are often not even explored due to the economy is experiencing a downturn.

Pastor salary increases are often missed, not because of church leader stinginess, we just forget to ask "Could we live on what we pay our pastor?".

We discovered that pastor appreciation month is a good time to ask that simple salary question as we explore what we will do in the way of a pastor appreciation gift.

Tough Times Financially

Pastor salary questions are especially difficult to ask when we are in these tough financial times, and so, unfortunately nothing is done.

We did not want to be guilty of ignoring our pastor financially simply because we forgot to explore salary considerations.

Salary Increase Plus Pastor Appreciation Gift

By the way, we don't increase the pastor's salary as our appreciation gift, we use the pastor appreciation theme to prompt us to to explore the financial support our pastor receives. Hope this makes sense.

So join us in using Pastor Appreciation Month as a time to analyze your pastor's salary package too.

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