Pastor Appreciation Ideas

Pastor Appreciation Ideas And Resources

Pastor Appreciation Ideas and Resources -- that is what this site is all about. Perhaps all you need is one unique and practical idea that worked for another congregation when they honored their pastor (or pastors for churches blessed with more than one pastor). 

We invite you who visit this site to share your ideas for expressing appreciation.  Yes, we can learn from each other as to what has worked for other congregations. When you want to pay tribute to the one God has called to shepherd the flock, it is a blessing to discover great ideas that have actually worked for other churches.  

In addition, you can find resources for pastor appreciation gifts that convey your love and gratitude to your spiritual shepherd.

Than An Annual Event On The Calendar

We want to help you make Pastor Appreciation Month a highlight of your church year.

While this can be most certainly a special time for paying tribute to pastors,  a special month set aside for expressing gratitude to spiritual leaders is just a small part of it.

Pastor Appreciation Month is much more than a special event on the church calendar.

The focus of this positive, faith based website, is to challenge churches to honor and encourage pastors throughout the year.

Finding ways to express genuine appreciation to your pastor is your task. Providing resources and ideas for expressing that appreciation is ours.

Your Church Needs A
Pastor Appreciation Champion

If a church is to truly honor the pastor, then someone needs to step up as the Pastor Appreciation Champion.

I believe that every church needs someone to champion these efforts, a person who will take the lead in promoting appreciation for pastors.

Greetings from San Diego, California.  I was called "Chaplain Paul" by the people I served when a health care chaplain.  Now that I am retired from healthcare chaplaincy, I am once again serving as an associate pastor to the church I attend.

When it comes to Pastor Appreciation Ideas, I see myself as an Internet Chaplain helping churches focus on church health as well as the financial success of pastors. 

You could call me the Pastor Appreciation Champion of the Internet. By focusing on an Appreciation Theme, my desire is to help churches celebrate Pastor Appreciation Month by providing resources and ideas that prompt churches to pay tribute to their pastor.

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Appreciation Is An Attitude

Genuine appreciation is much more than just scheduling pastor appreciation month or giving pastor honoring gifts.

As you creatively express gratitude to your pastor, you demonstrate much more than you realize. Expressing gratitude and appreciation is a very practical witness to your community of God's grace and mercy.

After all, griping about your pastor will never convince your community that God is a God of Love, but demonstrating genuine appreciation certainly will.

A Practical Appreciation Idea Resource

Who would have guessed that the term Pastor Appreciation Poems is a popular search term that brings people to this site? Yet Poetry for Pastors seems to be a popular way to express appreciation for appreciative churches to pay tribute to their pastors. 

Appreciation Gift Ideas

There are so many ways to honor your pastor but most would agree that giving a unique and special gift expresses a church's gratitude in a very practical and concrete way. 

Pastor Appreciation Day Celebration Ideas

You will find ideas on how to honor pastors for a successful Pastor Appreciation Month.

To see what other Pastor Appreciation Champions have done, go to this link on our site -- Pastor Appreciation Day Celebration Stories.

Seeing how others have celebrated their pastor honoring day may just be the creative spark for making your appreciation celebration a success.

Why not tell us about your successful event, doing so as your gift to other churches in need of ideas to honor their pastor?

A Healthy Church Shows Appreciation

I believe that conveying appreciation is the sign of a healthy church and healthy churches want to pay tribute to their pastor through loving acts of gratitude.

  • Biblically, honoring spiritual leaders is a concept throughout the pages of scripture.
  • Practically, showing appreciation serves two purposes. First, as already stated, expression of gratitude is a positive Christian witness, showing your community that God is loving and merciful. A second practical result of honoring pastors is that it creates an atmosphere that encourages a response to the call of God to pastoral ministry. A positive, healthy church produces those called of God to serve in Christian ministry.
  • Ultimately, clergy appreciation by a congregation is an expression of gratitude to God for their pastor. Honoring the pastor reveals more about a congregation than it does about the pastor. Your church's expression of gratitude for your pastor and his or her ministry efforts can be one of the most effective demonstrations to your community that your church is indeed a loving church.

May the greatest clergy appreciation gift given by your church be the gift of a healthy church, ready to share God's love with your pastor, and by doing so, with your community.  

May the Pastor Appreciation Ideas and Resources you discover enable you to do so!

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