Asian Theme - "We're Fortunate to Have You" Pastor Appreciation Event


Brenda Cummings (Joplin, MO, USA)

"Chinese/Asian party decorations were used throughout the event such as fortune cookies, Chinese lanterns, Chinese ornaments, chopsticks in the Chinese party theme motif."

Asian Themed Pastor Appreciation Event

Asian Themed Pastor Appreciation Event

Great Resource for Decorations for Chinese/Asian Themed Celebration Event

Asian Theme For Pastor Appreciation Event

One year, we chose "We're Fortunate to Have You" as our pastor appreciation theme.

We used various Chinese/Asian decorations throughout the event such as fortune cookies, Chinese lanterns, Chinese ornaments, chopsticks, etc. Our unique pastor appreciation theme included a backdrop that was painted to reflect the Chinese motif.

October Pastor Appreciation Sunday

The first Sunday in October is the date that we choose each year to specifically honor our pastor for his labor of love to us.

We escorted him to church in a rickshaw pulled down one of the main streets of our city by our men's ministry director who was dressed in a karate gi and an Asian hat. People honked and waved to him on his way. The congregation cheered as he came down the block to the church campus.

Catered Pastor Appreciation Dinner

We had an entire evening planned, beginning with a catered dinner. Members spoke of how much he meant to them. Each department head presented him with a gift from their department and there was a special gift from the entire church congregation.

Pastor Appreciation Skit Videos

We had a humorous skit videoed prior to the event and also a commemorative video of his 5 years of ministry in Joplin.

Each member was given a card to write down their pastor appreciation thoughts and feelings for him, which they brought to the event. They were placed in a Chinese take out box and presented during the evening celebration event to our pastor so he could take them home and read them at his leisure.

We took lots of pictures to commemorate the event and put into a pastor appreciation scrapbook. He is an awesome pastor and very deserving of the honor. We are truly fortunate to have him.

-Submitted by Christian Life Center in Joplin, Missouri

Another great resource for special events honoring pastors is:

Guestbook for Pastor Appreciation Events

  • Paperback format for churches gathering to Honor their Pastor;

  • This guestbook has space for church members and friends to leave a message or tribute to their spiritual shepherd;

  • Following the celebration, this special book becomes an excellent gift and keepsake given to the pastor.

  • These personal notes from a loving congregation will be a great source of encouragement for years to come.

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