Say Happy Birthday Through Gifts and Greetings

by Violet

Birthdays Are A Great Time To Express Appreciation

Birthday Celebrations provide another occasion for honoring your pastor.

Put the Pastor's birthday announcement everywhere and encourage your church people to include expressions of appreciation when they express Happy Birthday through gifts and birthday greetings.

Use Media To Say Happy Birthday Pastor

Churches these days are using the media to spread the word of God.

In the same way, you can use media to announce Pastor's birthday everywhere for everyone to know about his or her special day.

For example, put it on the church's website, encouraging parishioners to give birthday gifts and greetings.

In addition, put the birthday announcement in the other media resources used by the church, such as the church newsletter or magazine.

If your church uses Facebook and other social media, announcing the pastor's birthday is sure to prompt expressions of appreciation as well as birthday greetings.

Happy Birthday Pastor And Thank You For Being Our Pastor

Great idea, Violet! I can remember several birthdays that the churches I served celebrated in a big way.

On my 50th birthday, our church involved the community, inviting people who were either neighbors or business people with whom I had a special relationship. The theme was "Over the Hill" and all of the gag gifts made a big deal about reaching the ripe old age of 50!

Of course the whole idea was to express pastor appreciation as well as saying "Happy Birthday" and they did so indeed.

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