Mixed Nuts from Nutty Church

by I. B. Nutz
(Land of Fruits and Nuts)

Nutty Idea for Pastor Appreciation Gift

Internet searches make it easy to find unique and even humorous gift ideas when honoring pastors. I found this idea on the internet and thought it would be a great way to show appreciation.

Nuts to You Pastor

I went to my favorite appreciation gift resource, Amazon, and ordered a can of mixed nuts. The selection of nuts of all kinds was exactly the motivation I needed to add a touch of humor to our gift giving for the pastor appreciation month.

Mixed Nuts Gift Sets

Sense of Humor and Honoring Pastors

For this humorous gift-giving idea to work, you need to have a church with the capacity to laugh at itself as well as a pastor who likes to laugh!

That is because our can of nuts had a note attached to make the gag work. "To remind you of your congregation!"

Our fun-loving pastor loved our nutty expression of love and found it very humorous. I am sure he agreed we are indeed a group of "nuts" who love being a part of a nutty congregation!

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