Travel Gift Ideas
For Expressing Appreciation

Travel Gift Ideas For Pastor Appreciation

Travel gift ideas are often suggested when churches ask "What should we give our pastor to show our appreciation as a congregation?".

Where can you find good travel ideas? Simply ask for vacation ideas from those in your church who have had the privilege of traveling, whether taking a special cruise to a favorite destination or family trips and short stay getaways.

Cheapest Cruise Ideas And
Other Travel Idea Suggestions

Be on the lookout for cheapest cruise prices or specific suggestions as to best cruise line to use. Be ready for various opinions when asking for cruise line recommendations and even heated discussion.

Just to show you what you can expect when asking about vacation and travel recommendations, I am asking you share your travel gift ideas to help other churches honor their pastor with a travel or vacation gift.

Share Your Travel Gift Ideas For Pastor Appreciation

Sharing your Travel Gift Ideas can spark the creativity that other congregations may need in order to come up with their own Pastor Appreciation Travel Gift.

Share how your church honored your pastor with a special cruise or memorable trip to a special dream destination.

Hopefully your travel gift idea will prompt other churches to with their own travel focused gift for pastor appreciation.

Sharing Travel related gift ideas may be an article about giving a special cruise to a desired destination.

You might write a travelogue type article describing a dream vacation that focused on activities such as golfing or fishing.

For example, my wife, now the Pastor Appreciation Champion for our congregation, will be sharing once we return from our own New England and Canada Cruise that we are taking soon.

Travel Gift Ideas Shared By Others In Expressing Pastor Appreciation

Click on the blue links below to see what others have written to describe their vacation and travel ideas for pastor appreciation . . .

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Vacations And Travel Gifts A Triple Blessing 
Vacations and Travel Gifts Show Appreciation Travel related gifts are a favorite for many but when it comes to pastor appreciation, giving the gift of …

Click here to write your own.

Best Cruise Line Or Favorite Travel Destination

As you can see, asking for travel focused suggestions will get a response. People do have their opinions as to cheapest cruise prices or best cruise line to use.

Just remember that the goal is honor pastors with a vacation memory, so agree to disagree when it comes to sharing travel recommendations.

Some of our favorite vacation memories came about because our church honored us with a travel related gift. Even today, now that our children are adults, those vacations that came about because of a generous congregation are the ones they remember most.

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