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Chaplain Paul Slater (San Diego, CA) Travel Agent Worth It

"A Travel Agent for helping us with our Travel Gift Idea was the best approach in putting together a trip to Rome. our gift to honor our pastor and his wife. I would certainly recommend using a travel agency for their expertise in trip planning."

(A Satisfied Travel Agent User)

Travel Agent Recommended When Exploring Travel Gift

Using a travel agent was the course we decided to take for our pastor appreciation travel gift.

Yes, we knew about Vacations To Go and and had even explored their websites looking for the best prices for cruises, as that was one of the travel gift possibilities we were considering.

Our Dream Trip Is To Visit Rome

We learned that our pastor and wife had always dreamed of visiting Rome but had concluded it was just too expensive to do so.

My wife is the secretary of our church board and as such is assigned the task of honoring our pastors during Pastor Appreciation Month.

Our pastor's wife is going through chemotherapy and when she voiced this secret ambition to travel to Rome as my wife was visiting her, she determined that was exactly what she would suggest to the church board for this year's gift for our senior pastor.

A Trip To Rome A Big Expense

Our neighbor's daughter is a travel agent, so my wife contacted her to learn more regarding costs of a Rome Vacation.

The cost of the trip was $6000 and seemed overwhelming to some. As a Pastor Appreciation Champion, my wife takes her assignment seriously.

Why not aim high in making this trip to Rome a reality for our pastor and wife. It was decided that no church funds would be used.

If this travel gift was to be given, it would become reality only if families of the church donated the funds for this
special dream vacation.

Our Travel Gift To Rome Comes True

Over 80 families donated to this special fund and on our chosen Pastor Appreciation Day, a travel gift certificate was presented to them plus a check for spending money. Over $10,000 came in to fund the cost of this dream trip to Rome, Italy.

Our pastor and his wife were overwhelmed with the generosity of our congregation. More than the travel gift certificate, our pastor's wife told me the best part was the encouragement her husband received because of the affirmation of his ministry.

Travel Agency Worth The Money

After using a travel agent for our travel gift to Rome, we have become convinced it is money well spent.

Our travel agent has made all the arrangements that include to cost of the flight to Rome and a 4 star hotel when they arrive.

A big plus in using a travel agency is that the travel agent's sons have a tour company in Rome, with a tour of Rome included in the price of the trip. In fact, one of her son's had worked at the Vatican so knows just what tourists enjoy most when visiting Rome.

My Travel Agent Recommendation

After just returning from a do-it-yourself-cruise as to making the arrangements, I will definitely contact our new travel agent friend for destination travel suggestions and best cruise prices.

It seems the cheapest cruise prices may not be found from my personal internet searches but by letting a trained and knowledgeable travel agent work out the details and best travel prices.

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