Vacations And Travel Gifts A Triple Blessing

by Doretha Bradley
(Daphne, Alabama)

Vacations and Travel Gifts Show Appreciation

Travel related gifts are a favorite for many but when it comes to pastor appreciation, giving the gift of travel has a dual purpose.

The first purpose of giving our pastor a travel destination gift is to show that you do appreciate his or her services to the Lord and to your church.

Early in the year pick a country which becomes the destination vacation you think your pastor might enjoy. You can usually discover the countries your pastor wants to visit by listening to him share those "some day I would like to go to" comments.

Gather Travel Destination Information

You can find loads of material concerning the featured travel destination using travel related search terms and taking a virtual tour of your vacation travel spot.

Share this desired vacation destination with the congregation and challenge them to make the pastor's dream vacation come true. With everyone contributing to the dream vacation fund, you will be able to make this travel dream reality.

As to timing of travel, it is better to let the pastor choose the date and lodging details personally so as to not schedule a trip or cruise that does not fit the pastor's busy schedule.

The Second Travel Destination Purpose

Most churches support world missions and often the country chosen as a travel destination has significance to the pastor because your church has sponsored missionaries in a chosen travel destination.

Another factor influencing your choice is that there are missionary friends serving there or even relatives serving as missionaries in a specific mission field.

Why not send the pastor on a modern day missionary journey that will become the focus of world mission focused sermons for months to come following the special vacation trip.

Those serving as missionaries will be blessed by a pastoral call from their friend and your church will be blessed by the personal attachment they will have through this visit.

Vacation and Travel Related gifts for pastor appreciation will be a blessing to all involved, the sending congregation, the pastor who receives the vacation gift, and those serving the Lord who are visited by your pastor.

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