Best Family Vacations
Are Family Friendly

Identifying Our Best Pastor Family Vacations

Some of our most memorable family vacations were Disney Vacations. One such vacation we took was to attend a church conference in Anaheim, California.

That Disneyland was a part of the travel package qualified it as being included in our list of best vacations, according to our kids. My favorite pastor family vacations involved fishing and camping but for the kids, Disney in the destination made it their favorite.

Qualifying As A Best Vacation

We took family camping trips and family beach vacations too, yet for any of these family favorites to be considered for our best vacation list, it had to involve more than great destinations or fun places to go.

The vacation travels I consider best were often given to us as pastor appreciation gifts and helped us bond as a family.

Now it takes more than a father's opinion to qualify as our best travel excursions. For us, to be classified as best meant that they were family friendly vacations.

We learned that vacations for kids needed to be fun to get their vote as to being best. Of course, for mom and dad, the best trips were those where our family bonded together, and the many Disney vacations we have taken over the years qualified too.

Wonderful Travel Gifts For The Family

Many of our favorite family trips were given as gifts of travel, which added to their being special.

Reflecting back on what we consider family fun vacations, some of our best family trips were given as expressions of pastor appreciation. These gifts of travel often made it possible to take trips otherwise unaffordable on a pastor's salary.

What Are Your Best Family Vacation Memories?

Have you had family vacations that you appreciate most for what they did to unify your family? Take the opportunity to share with the readers of those special travel excursions that you and your family consider as "best". 

Write About Your Best Family Vacation

Your Best Family Vacation: To be considered as a Best Family Vacation, there should be more to it than a great destination.

The stories I am looking for are trips given you as a pastor appreciation travel gift that somehow impacted your family for the good.

They built your family in some way, helping you bond together as a family as you enjoyed your trip.

Why share about your best vacation?

  • Sharing the Best Family Vacation your family has taken may prompt churches to consider giving their pastor a memorable family vacation as their pastor appreciation gift.

  • Your family vacation story will help others realize a vacation being best may be more than the fun or the destination, but what takes place in the hearts of each family member in building family identity

So take this opportunity to creatively communicate what you consider to be one of your Best Family Vacations.

Doing so just may prompt others to honor their pastor with a special family vacation.

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Best Family Vacations For Pastors

Travel gifts given to us as a pastor appreciation gift were considered best when we realized that our church family recognized our need to get away and get refreshed in body and spirit. The destinations were of course memorable, yet that our churches gave them as expressions of appreciation made them all that more special as best family vacations.

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