Weekend Getaway Trip - Take A Weekend Vacation

by Ellen
(Waukee, IA, USA)

Weekend Vacations Say Get Out of Town

Weekend Getaways for most of us are common. But why not tell your pastor to get out of here - in a nice way of course. "Take A Sunday Off" means a travel focused gift that includes lodging or bed and breakfast getaways.

Vacation Gift - a weekend getaway, was how we often express appreciation to our pastor and family.

Perhaps this mini-vacation could work for your church. The Staff Parish Relations Committee (or some other group of church leaders) could work together to give their pastor a Sunday off as a pastor appreciation gift.

Giving A Sunday Off Is Like A Mini-Sabbatical

This group would ask the pastor to choose the day he/she'll be gone and and then do all of the planning needed to hold the worship celebration that day.

Giving Your Pastor A Sunday Away Seems Simple Enough

Editor's note: Thanks, Ellen, for a great pastor appreciation gift idea!

Giving a weekend trip for a mini-vacation can often be the result of someone donating travel rewards or hotel gift certificates.

What are some of the challenges involved in arranging for the pastor to take a weekend trip away from the expected pastoral duties, especially in a small church?

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