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Kathy Who Shares Alaskan Fishing Vacation Trip

"Fishing Vacations have long been a favorite for avid fisherman, but this fishing theme had special significance."

(How An Alaskan Fishing Vacation Set This Fishing Theme)

Alaskan Fishing Vacation Sets Fishing Theme

Alaskan Fishing Vacation Sets Fishing Theme

Fishing vacations a favorite getaway

Since fishing is a favorite lifetime activity of the likes of Peter, Andrew, James, and John, that fishing theme continues on with appreciation events often featuring a specific fishing getaway vacation.

A number of years ago, Kathy, one of the ladies in my church described how her father's congregation presented him with a fishing vacation to Alaska.

As I remember, he had just learned that he had cancer so his 3 brothers scheduled an Alaskan Fishing Trip they would all take together.

His church wanted to help him with the finances of his fishing adventure to Alaska, so planned their pastor appreciation events around a fishing theme.

Fishing Theme Surprise

All of this was a surprise to him until the big appreciation event took place.

He enjoyed the pastor appreciation fishing theme but suspected little as to what his church and family had put together. His brothers stayed backstage until they were called to come out.

The joy everyone experienced when his brothers announced their fishing getaway to Alaska was mixed with the awareness of his condition.

Later, they indeed went on the fishing trip of a lifetime, which for him was indeed the last one he took before passing away later that year.

Fishing Theme Included Fishing Gear Gifts

Of course, he needed to be outfitted for his Alaskan fishing adventure, so the gifts given to him reflected the fishing getaway theme.

Most of the actual fishing gear was provided by the Alaskan fishing lodge so they presented him with new outdoors clothes and new boots any fisherman would be proud to own.

Fishing Vacation Getaway Gear

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