Wellness Center Membership For Better Health!


Belinda (West Texas)Shares Health and Wellness Idea

"A Wellness Center Membership was our gift because we fell that health and well-being is an investment worth making."

(A Wellness Center Membership says "We love you and want you healthy!")

Wellness Center Membership As A Gift

When a brand-new 3-million-dollar wellness center opened its doors in our small town in west Texas, our church family decided to invest in the health and well-being of the pastor and his wife.

Keeping Healthy Is Important

With the health of pastors a key concern, we wanted to express our desire for his fitness, nutrition, and health well being.

This wellness center membership decision was passed at an administrative board meeting, where the vote was unanimous to purchase a one-year membership at the new center.

Concerning The Gift of Health (Editors Note)

This congregation was saying much more than We love you, pastor." I confess that when I served as pastor of my congregations, I ignored keeping healthy as well as keeping fit.

Receiving a health and fitness gift would have made me realize I do have a responsibility to my church but especially to God for healthy choices.

I guess some could question whether their pastor's health is any of a church's business.

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