Video To Create Awareness of Role

by Lynn (Mt. Holly , NC)

Video equipment helped our church understand the role of the pastor. Once requiring expensive cameras and software, you can now make movies to enhance your pastor appreciation events and presentations very inexpensively.

(Creating video presentations is easier than ever now because of smart phone technology. )

Video Reveals Role

Using video equipment, a special video was made by our church to show what they thought their pastor did everyday. First they videoed the pastor in his suit sitting in the church office when the phone rings, then his cell phone rings and the fax goes off at the same time.

Creative Video Techniques

He exits the room and comes back in as SUPER PASTOR, and they film him doing his hospital visits, contacting people in the community, and even using very creative video techniques to make it appear he is flying to the next mission.

Video Presentation A Big Hit

The role of the pastor and the demands and expectations he must meet was revealed in a fun but enlightening way.

Creative Pastor Appreciation Programs

The next year the pastor appreciation theme was fishing, a favorite hobby he really enjoys.

They built a fishing pier off from the stage of the church auditorium, and had the pulpit made up as a beach. Since the pastor (my husband) loves the ocean and loves to fish, they used the fishing theme to create a wonderful pastor appreciation program.

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