TV Game Show Skit Idea

by Amie Regillo
(Mannington, WV)

Great Pastor Appreciation Skit Idea

A great pastor appreciation skit idea is to use a game show format for you appreciation event.
One church I know based their tribute to the pastor on the game show Deal or No Deal during an evening service.

The pastor was the guest and his family was the choice of people for support. The group holding the cases was the youth group containing several different gifts.

My Sister-in-law is the pastor's wife and was thrilled with the way their church "appreciated" them. It was fun, exciting and rewarding.

The gift cases all contained different dollar amounts of the gift. The pastor played the whole game, calling out each number on the case and coming down to the end of the game he won an oil change at the local garage. It would be nice to give him all the gifts contained in the cases, if finances allowed.

People in your congregation can donate gifts or be willing to "promise" to purchase a certain item. They can really be creative and even be humorous in their gift ideas.

Remember the goal is letting your pastor know how much you love him and getting the whole congregation involved and having fun.

By the way, the gifts were not actually purchased until after the end of the game to see which gift he actually won. The gifts could be as small as a gift certificate at the a local fast food restaurant, such as Dairy Queen.

An example of a higher amount gift would be a weekend at a Bed and Breakfast. Use as many cases as you want and the amount of $ on each gift. For their pastor appreciation event, the youth were dressed in black pants, white shirt, neck tie. How cool. Their treasurer was the "banker". hidden in a classroom.

Other "props' could be a power point from some of the pastor's family members, for example, parents or children away at college. Another idea is to have a live phone call from a dignitary or church conference leader.

The key is to have fun even though it may require a lot of preparation and creativity, with many people involved.

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