Trophy Presentation To Express Appreciation


Gwen of Sand Springs, OK shares Trophy Idea

"A trophy is a reward for a specific achievement and appreciation. There are trophies honoring those in the corporate, sports and business world, so why present a Pastor Appreciation Trophy given for outstanding achievement!"

(Giving Special Recognition Trophies And Awards Presented To Express Appreciation)

Pastor Appreciation Trophy (example)

Pastor Appreciation Trophy (example)

Appreciation award Presented To Pastor

Our church purchased a trophy that had our pastors name and the year on it. We presented it to him in front of the congregation, expressing our appreciation in a tangible way.

Double Appreciation Trophy Awarded

Wanting to express our gratitude for another person, we then we presented his wife with a trophy that was twice the size and had more glitter than his!
It was great!

Trophy of Appreciation Great Idea

Editor's response: What a great pastor appreciation tribute. We know that trophies are often associated with sporting events for outstanding achievement. In addition I have seen trophy presentations for corporate or civic accomplishment.

Recognition of your pastor's commitment and service was a great idea. I loved the idea of giving a larger trophy to your pastor's wife. Presenting a larger appreciation trophy to the pastor's wife must have been a delightful moment in your appreciation event.

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