Sports Memorabilia and Other NFL Fan Gift Ideas

by Scott and Lynne (Downey, CA) Who Share About Giving Sports Gifts

"Sports Memorabilia Gifts For Our Pastor, A San Diego Charger Fan"

(A Couple of Fellow Football Fanatics)

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San Diego Sports Fan

Our Pastor comes from San Diego. He's a big Charger's fan, a lesser of a Padres fan. The truth is that the Charger's do o.k. but usually don't always do that great.

Sports fans are loyal and he's still a fan though. That means the wins and losses are felt down to his soul, so we thought we'd give him a series of smaller gifts, over the 4 or so weeks of October, for Pastor Appreciation Month.

Sports Memorabilia For Avid Sports Fan

I bought a bunch of quilt squares off of eBay, Charger themed ones defined by the team colors -- dark blue, white, gold, then the actual Chargers material, very cheap on eBay.

I made him a remote holder for the edge of his chair, to drape over both sides, it had pockets, like three of them, since missing the TV remote is like a major crisis for a guy, especially during a game. We then put a cheap leftover remote in one of the "sleeves" to let him know what it was for.

If I gave myself grades for my efforts, it would be Craftsmanship? D+ effort A+, creativity... B?

More Sports Fan Stuff

A lot of smaller gifts were given to our San Diego Charger Fan and were given each week. The sports theme pastor appreciation gifts included:

  • A Charger's monopoly deed card as a humorous sports gift.

  • A Charger's pacifier, for when they lose.

  • Leftover Charger quilt squares - Staples laminated them me for a low-cost, after which I stuck sticky cork sheets on them, making them into San Diego Charger coasters.

  • Cool yet inexpensive Charger's Football collector cards.

  • Commemorative Souvenir coin of a future Charger hall of famer, Junior Seau

Sports Team Gag Gifts

These football memorabilia gifts took a lot of personal effort. We decided to keep our NFL gag gift project simple as to gift wrapping so we just put most of them in brown lunch bags with "Pastor" in Sharpie pen on it, maybe including a cheap greeting card every other week, under his box in the church foyer.

Guys hate to wrap anyway, and the sports gift theme seemed just right in their brown bag gift wrapping instead of a "floofy" box with ribbons.

It was neat to stretch giving the gifts out over the month, and the total cost of buying sports gifts was probably about $35 to $40. We think he felt very special because of this unexpected approach to pastor appreciation gift giving.

It's totally not too pricey considering the amount of Spiritual priceless manna we get all the year long.

Sports Gifts For A Good Sport

It was great at Bible study when he mentioned the Charger Fan Pacifier, as that week the Charger's did terrible, it was really comical as he mentioned how the timing was good and all laughed at his Charger gag gift.

Except one gift that included a card that was signed, we remained unknown, so we could enjoy his true reactions, and not be recognized, or perhaps disliked, for a bad gift! :-)

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