Sports Gear Gifts

by Greg Crosby (Roswell, NM)
(From One NFL Fanatic Who Loves Sports Gear)

Pastor Appreciation Sports Gear Gifts

Pastor Appreciation Sports Gear Gifts

Football Fans Declare Favorite Teams

We do love to show which NFL team we support.

Jerseys, caps, jackets, and all kinds of sports gear tell the world which NFL team is our favorite!

For Your Fan, Find his or her favorite NFL team merchandise at!

Football Fans Love Team Sports Gear

Football Jersey Gift Idea comes from my nephew, a football fanatic when it comes to wearing NFL team sports gear:

Hi Uncle Paul,

Our pastor is a football fanatic and wears lots of Dallas Cowboy jerseys.

Why don't you see if you can offer people a place to get team jerseys and sport team stuff.

Our church gave our pastor a bunch of sports related gear, all of it Dallas Cowboys team products.

Love your site,


Sports Gear Does Show Team Loyalty

(From Editor)I took Greg's advice and found this great NFL sports gear resource.

So Greg, you can get Dallas Fan Gear For Your Pastor So He Cheer on His Cowboys!

Of course, identifying your favorite NFL Team by wearing their gear does create interesting conversations, depending on how your team is doing.

I have noticed people will either agree with your fanatic status for a particular team or may commiserate with you as you wallow in self-pity for being a loyal fan to a team that loses.

Then again, you may eventually turn your loyalties to a whole new team.

Which means that if your pastor gets fed up with the Cowboys, you may need to order a new NFL team's jerseys and sports gear to help him become a raving fan again.

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