Sock It To the Pastor

by Pastor Appreciation Champion
(Oakvale, MS, USA)

A Unique Wardrobe Improvement Strategy

New clothes for the pastor are usually tough to buy because of all the variations in sizes.

That is true for everything but the socks. The right size is usually easy to guess. So we decided to sock it to the pastor to let him know how we really felt about him.

No pastor was actually hurt when we celebrated our Pastor Appreciation Celebration with what was called "Sock-It-To-Me" Sunday.

We are not talking about a punch to the chin when we invited church members to "sock the pastor!" Yet things did get rather physical when we delivered our blows, as you will see below.

Here is how we pulled off our sock-it-to-the-pastor event:

Shopping For New Clothes Encouraged

Only in this instance, only one item of clothing was on the shopping list. Our church members were asked to purchase a pair of socks for the Pastor.

No Gift Wrapping Allowed

Instead, they were asked to roll the new pair of socks in a roll. Now here is the twist to our gift wrapping.

They were to roll money into the socks, choosing whatever amount according to what they could afford. This money gift was hidden in the rolled up socks.

Variations of the money rolled in the socks would be gift cards in the sock or perhaps a gift certificate to a bed and breakfast or favorite restaurant.

Socking It to the Pastor Event

On our selected Pastor Appreciation Gift Celebration we asked the pastor to come to the church fellowship hall.

Then, on cue, the socks were hurled at the pastor simultaneously. After the shock of our personal assault on the pastor, the fun continued.

The Gift Opening

While we really enjoyed socking it to the pastor, the most enjoyable part of our appreciation celebration was when he was encouraged to unroll the socks.

When he realized there was more than just a bunch of socks for him to wear, we achieved our goal in this unique approach. Our pastor understood once again that he really was loved and appreciated by our church.

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