Shoes Of Superior Quality

by Beverly
(Pembroke, North Carolina)

Pastor Appreciation Theme: Shoes For The Pastor --

Shoes are often referred to in the Bible and became the basis of our Shoes For The Pastor Theme for Pastor Appreciation Sunday.

We used a Scripture verse for our shoe based theme: How Beautiful Are The Feet Of Those Who Carry The Gospel.

Sizing Up Our Shoe Theme

Using the above scripture, we took the following steps before our shoe focused pastor appreciation presentation:

  • We found out what size of shoe did our pastor wore.

  • We then asked 2 other gentleman in our congregation to participate in our special shoe presentation, one who wore a smaller size and the other a larger size.

  • Each Sunday School class received a love offering for our Shoes For The Pastor Theme, which was then combined and placed into a silver gift bag.

If The Shoe Fits

When the Pastor Appreciation Event arrived, here is how the Shoe Theme developed:

  • Our special scripture was read and the 2 gentleman chosen to help were invited to the front to join the pastor in trying on some new shoes. Just as we planned, they did not fit either man.

  • Then the pastor had his turn to try them on, and of course, they fit.

  • Next we talked about how special those are that are called to fill the shoes of a pastor, with several people sharing how his ministry had impacted their lives.

  • Next we asked him to put his penny in the gift bag, and explained that he had just contributed to his own Shoes For The Pastor offering, sharing that we did not want him to fill left out, emphasizing that he belonged to us and no one else could fill his shoes.

Shoes Of Superior Quality For A Job Of Highest Purpose

Our Shoes For The Pastor theme was very successful, with over $1000 donated by members of the congregation. Our Shoe Theme was easy to implement and the topic of Shoes For The Pastor very easy to develop.

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