Scrapbooking Memories and Blessings

by Joyce Chavis

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Scrapbook Captures Special Appreciation Event For Future Memories

Several in our congregation are scrapbooking enthusiasts and are very good in making meaningful "memory keepers".

Special People From Our Pastor's Spiritual Journey

Several significant people who had impacted our pastor throughout his life.

  1. I contacted the preacher who baptized him to speak at our Pastor Appreciation Day Event.

  2. I also invited some of his college professors to share about his educational pursuits.

  3. Also featured was his favorite singer who sent a signed picture with a letter attached. We had the picture matted and framed for his office.

Video Prepared Featuring People Whose Lives He Had Touched

We played a special song about what his work had meant to others and the lives he had touched, preparing a video showing the many people his ministry had impacted in a slide show while the music played.

Pastor Appreciation Poem Paying Tribute

Included in the pastor appreciation service was a poem read to the congregation describing what a preacher is.

Pastor Appreciation Gifts Presented

After our pastor's family was introduced to the congregation, special appreciation gifts were given which included flowers for the special event. Each Sunday School class had donated cash gifts to purchase new suits with ties to match.

Scrapbook of Appreciation Presented

We had the children write letters to their pastor and people also gave cards which was put into a Pastor Appreciation Scrapbook for him to read later.

Also included was a copy of our special appreciation program as well as a DVD capturing the days events.

Scrapbooking Idea Sponsor:

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