Retirement Community Appreciation Suggestions


Syvilla C. Fry (Worcester, PA) Shares Retirement Community Concern

"Many living in 55+ retirement communities enjoy activities geared to retirees and seniors. Spiritual Care is an important aspect for senior adult communities, which include assisted living and skilled nursing communities, many who want to express appreciation to their chaplain."

(Senior Retirement Community Resident Voices Question)

Retirement Community Appreciation Concern

Retirement community living has been wonderful for those living in our lovely residence.

For us retired folks, having meals provided in a luxurious setting, attending special cultural events provide for us, and even having special getaway trips has made retirement enjoyable.

Best is that we have church services at our residence and even a chaplain who ministers to us with loving pastoral care.

Appreciation For Someone Who is Always There For Us.

Our senior retirement community residents want to honor our wonderful chaplain.

In reading the articles here I don't see anywhere that a retirement community chaplain like our Rev. Lori Kosinski is honored.

I'd like to do something and I will ask both our Residents Association and the administration here to try to do something to honor her.

Senior Resident Seeks Appreciation Ideas

I would appreciate any ideas you may have especially since there are regulations against any resident giving gifts to employees. But we could at least write a letter showing our appreciation to her.

Does anyone have other suggestions for saying thank you to a Chaplain of a retirement center?

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