Responding To Our Pastor's Loss

by Lucille
(Elkton, KY)

This Pastor Appreciation Idea Sponsored by
Biblica Direct: Give the gift of God's Word in memory of a loved that will encourage those who are struggling with loneliness.

A Caring Congregation Responds

Our pastor lost his wife to congestive heart failure, so he had became a very lonely man after her death.

While we expressed our care and concern throughout the other months, during the month of October (Pastor Appreciation Month) we were especially aware of his loneliness in determining how we would show our love and appreciation to him.

Meal Planning Calendar For Pastor Appreciation Events

I took a large date calendar to schedule each family's expression of appreciation. I went around to each family of the congregation and had them choose a date to have him over for supper or take him out for dinner that day.

Sharing At A Deeper Level

Using Pastor Appreciation Month to spend quality time with our pastor allowed us to express our love in a more personal way. Each family was able to spend valuable time and fellowship with him as they shared a meal with him.

We presented our Pastor Appreciation Meal Calendar to him the first Sunday in October and also posted one on the church community board so everyone could keep up with his appreciation meals with church families.

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