Prayer Shawl and cards

by Karen Reichard
(Ocala, Florida)

Teaching Children To Pray While Honoring The Pastor

I am the Children's Ministry coordinator at our church. Last year one of our parishioners sewed a lovely prayer shawl. I was doing a 10 week program on how to pray with the children.

Pastor Appreciation Preparation

  • We looked up verses in the Bible that were on topics like thanksgiving, serving, discipleship, leading the flock, etc.

  • The children chose their favorite verse and wrote it on the prayer shawl and signed their names.

  • Some of the children made up their own original pastor appreciation poems, (Roses are red, violets are blue, I'm so happy that God made you!).

  • We decorated the shawl with little charms of faith, hope and love (Lots to choose from at Micheal's or store like Micheal's).

The Pastor Appreciation Presentation

On Pastor Appreciation Sunday the children processed into church with one child leading with a candle and the choir softly singing, "Jesus Loves the Little Children".

After our priest saw the shawl, the children draped it around his shoulders, layed hands on him and prayed for him. They had never done anything like this before. As for our priest: he was overcome with joyful tears.

Also, I had thank you note cards available and members of the congregation wrote personal notes of love and gratitude. They filled a laundry basket. I asked the 2 oldest members of our church to carry them up to our pastor.

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