Picture Puzzle Idea For Pastor Appreciation

by Jean
(Mechanicsburg, PA, USA)

A Picture Puzzle Idea Expressing Pastor Appreciation

A picture puzzle idea for a pastor appreciation gift came about this way.

Our Bible study small group took pictures of our church pastors with their spouses and children.

We then sent the pictures of our pastors electronically to Snapfish.com and had them made into portrait picture puzzles.

A Puzzling Pastor Appreciation Gift

Once we got our picture puzzles back from Snapfish, we came up with an idea to make our pastor appreciation gift even more puzzling.

At one of our small group meetings we each signed the back of the puzzle. Then at end of the evening we took the picture portrait puzzles apart and each member of the small group mailed a few pieces of the puzzle to the pastors.

The pastors had a blast getting the Snapfish picture puzzle pieces in the mail and the notes that came with the puzzle pieces. They especially liked the finished puzzle of their family picture.

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