Pastor Appreciation Theme

Pastor Appreciation Theme For A Unique Experience

Setting a specific theme for your pastor appreciation activities gives each year's efforts uniqueness, providing a new look and feel to all you do in expressing appreciation to your pastor.

How you set your specific theme is up to you, the Pastor Appreciation Champion for your local congregation.

God has given us creativity, and truth be told, most of us need help in this area.  If you are lacking in artistic skills and are even limited in coming up with a theme idea, recruit help!

Search for pastor appreciation theme ideas on the internet, starting with this specific website, looking at what other churches have done, and them adding your own unique touch.

Once your theme is set, it becomes the basis for all you do in expressing your appreciation to your pastor -- gift ideas, decorating ideas, and especially your pastor appreciation celebrations and activities.

The Overriding Theme of Grace 

Behind your efforts there should be the best theme of all, the grace and mercy of God to each one of us.  God's love to a fallen world should be the backdrop to show that your church is a healthy congregation that believes in God's grace and mercy. 

Evangelism In Your Pastor Appreciation Theme

Expressing pastor appreciation is one of the best methods of evangelism a church can use to demonstrate the health of your church to your community. 

Just look at all of the positive messages pastor appreciation declares.  I am sure my brief list of evangelical messages in pastor appreciation theme will prompt many more ideas from you and your team.  

A Living Illustration Of God's Love

When focusing on pastor appreciation, we are actually declaring the message of grace and mercy, and all of our efforts to honor our pastors is a living illustration of God's love to us.

Thus the pastor appreciation message reveals the redemptive story of Gods love to sinners like you and me. If God can love us sinners, with all of our faults and disobedience, a church, made up of forgiven fallen folk, can love a pastor with weaknesses and human frailties, and by doing so, declare the wonderful story of God's forgiving grace.

Prayer For Your Pastor Appreciation Theme

Let me urge you to pray for God's guidance in setting your theme for your pastor appreciation efforts. So many churches fall in to trap of letting the calendar force to do something again, usually doing "what we did last year" making your efforts dull and boring.

Pray that your creative efforts to develop the pastor appreciation theme declare the message of God's grace and mercy to your community. 

And finally, pray for unity as a church in carrying out your chosen theme for expressing pastor appreciation.

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