Pastor Portrait Painting A Unique Pastor Appreciation Gift Idea

by Carl Hess (Memphis, TN) An artist who specializes in personal portraits
(A Professional Artist - Personal Portrait Professionally Painted )

A Professionally Painted Portrait Given To Express Appreciation

A Professionally Painted Portrait Given To Express Appreciation

Professionally Painted Portrait

Original portrait given to express appreciation will be an enduring gift for years to come.

This suggestion of having an original portrait painted comes from a professional artist, of course. But that does not diminish this portrait idea at all.

A Portrait of Appreciation

The above portrait is an example a professional artist's work. Mr.

Hess states that he has been privileged to paint portraits of several pastors, such as Bishop TD Jakes and Pastor Joel Osteen.

Portrait Artist Search Suggestions

Perhaps a search for a professional artist in your area could produce the name of an artist who specializes in personal portraits and make this painting of a pastor idea a reality for your church.

Perhaps your search would result in finding a Christian portrait artist to paint your special gift of art.

Portrait photography An Option

Another search option for portrait paintings would be your local professional photographer. They often work with local artists to provide a portrait of your pastor.

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