Pastor Appreciation In Small Church With A Big Heart

by Jennifer Birran
(Weir, Kansas)

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Small Church Promotes Pastor Appreciation In Big Way

We really love our pastor. Some people think that a pastor just marries people, buries some and only has to work on Sundays. So not true!

A true pastor cares for the sheep, prays for them continually, and is available 24/7. The work of a pastor and his wife is never done. Sometimes those who they help the most often are the ones who can hurt them the most.

I love that you have this pastor appreciation website and that we can share great ways to celebrate pastors!

We are a small congregation of about 50, and our pastor has been with us for 23 years. Pastor appreciation (October) falls on the pastor anniversary date that he became our pastor.

Gift of Trip To New York For Pastor's 10th Anniversary

On their 10th anniversary the church members got together and held a special service.

Afterward, we rented a limo and all went to eat. Cars along our travel route started pulling over thinking it was a funeral (limo and all).

During the special dinner paying tribute to our pastor we presented them with a planned trip to New York. Wow, what a privilege to give a New York vacation package to our pastoral couple.

On their 20th year of being pastor at Faith Tabernacle Church, we held a celebration like no other. We decorated our gymnasium as if it was a grand ball. Dimmed lights, beautiful roses everywhere. It took some weeks of planning but we only spent about $1,500 and it looked like about $10,000.

Gift of A New Car For Pastor's 20th Anniversary

We had our pastor's pastor, and several people who have been an encouragement to him, come and speak. To top it off we presented him and his wife with a brand new Chrysler 300C. Just to see their face was worth it all.

Encouragement To Other Churches

We are not wealthy people by any means, but when people have a mind to do something for God they can.

I hope that this encourages someone to realize that you don't have to buy a car or spend a lot of money, just make sure your pastor knows how special he is, and how your life is blessed because of them! Is A
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