A Pastor Appreciation Gift Sends
A Message About God's Love

Pastor Appreciation Gift Giving Is An Art

Pastor appreciation gift giving is an art for the creative congregation or appreciative individual who make pastor appreciation day activities special through unique appreciation gift ideas.  

Of course, your pastor appreciation gift ideas will be unique to both your congregation as well as the uniqueness of your pastor.

God's Example of Gift Giving

Did you ever consider that pastor appreciation gift giving is a way for churches to be like God, Who based His gift giving ideas upon the wonderful concept of grace?  

Just think! When a church congregation honors their pastor with a gift of appreciation and love. they are proclaiming a message that God is a loving God Whose giving flows out of His mercy.  

Following God's example of giving is what giving pastor gifts is all about, demonstrating grace and mercy in a tangible way to those who serve us as spiritual shepherds.

Share Your Pastor Gift Idea

Your Pastor Appreciation Gift Ideas may be exactly the spark another church needs for their pastor gift. Many Pastor Appreciation Champions have shared how they honored their pastor and now you can too.

Pastor gifts are expressions of love and encouragement, showing appreciation for serving God.

What gift idea did you come up with for Pastor Appreciation Month that would help others come up with their own variation of your appreciation gift idea?

When you write out your idea, make it a paragraph or two and add some details to make yours an easy to read webpage (and easy to edit for the webmaster).

Pastor Gift Ideas Submitted By Other Churches

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