Pastor Appreciation Event Successful

by "Serenity"

Pastor Appreciation Event Recap

Because we were new to our church, we did not know that a special pastor anniversary celebration was a annual tradition.

Editor's note: In another Pastor Appreciation Article, Serenity lived up to the meaning of her name by describing how to avoid pastor appreciation planning misunderstandings.

I had concluded my article about Avoiding Pastor Appreciation Misunderstands with the following statement:
By the time we found out about their "anniversary" celebration, we had already invested too much time, money, preparation, and promotion to all of a sudden not have Pastor's Appreciation Day as we had announced.

Our Pastor Appreciation Event Was Successful Anyway

Here is what we did to make our Pastor Appreciation Sunday a success.

1. We honored our pastor by choosing the Pastor's favorite hymns and praise and worship songs in our appreciation celebration.

2. Head Deacon presented gifts to Pastor, his wife, and each of their two children and did an absolutely wonderful job and even mentioned "...some of us have gotten a little confused about Pastor's Appreciation Day and what that means, as opposed to celebration of the Pastor's anniversary with the church..."

Aha! There was confirmation I'd made a mess of things -- not what he said -- he said what he said diplomatically and I think trying to soothe people down -- but for the head deacon to have to say it -- I knew I had really screwed up, in my ignorance, even though I had asked and asked.

Boy, did I ever feel like the klutz who tripped on the dock and fell into the water and hit his head on a rock. I felt like I had done something wrong in trying to do something right.

Pastor Appreciation Gifts We Gave

  • Pastor received a beautiful pastor appreciation plaque with an inscription as to what a pastor is, written beautifully on a metal plate over the frame of wood.

  • Restaurant Gift certificates to cover the family's dinners at three local restaurants.

  • Our pastor's wife received 2-3 devotional books for women, as she really enjoys women's devotionals.

  • Our pastor's daughter received Christian jewelry --a cross and chain.

  • The pastor's son received a gas card gift certificate for purchase of gasoline -- he both goes to college and he works.

Another Pastor Appreciation Article Coming

I have another Pastor Appreciation Article to submit on Expanding Pastor Appreciation Gift Recipients that I will submit.

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