Pastor Appreciation Day Means Paying Tribute To Pastors 365 Days A Year

Pastor appreciation day is a way to pay tribute to pastors every day because of an atmosphere of appreciation within your church.

I will say it again: pastor appreciation reveals more about a church than it does about a pastor. I believe an atmosphere of pastor appreciation creates a positive atmosphere for church growth.

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Every Day Should Be A Day For Pastor Appreciation

Pastor Appreciation Day? Limit pastor appreciation to just one day? What happened to your passion for the pastor appreciation theme?

When I say pastor appreciation day, what I am suggesting is not just limiting expressions of gratitude for your pastor to one day.

What I am saying is to make pastor appreciation a daily observance. Sure, make a big deal about your pastor during Pastor Appreciation Month. But what about the rest of the year?

Taking Pastor Appreciation From A Calendar Event to A Daily Expression.

I am suggesting churches expand the pastor appreciation concept from a monthly event on a calendar to a daily expression of gratitude for your pastor and his or her ministry.

Let's face it. If a pastor only experiences pastor appreciation during October (traditionally set aside as Pastor Appreciation Month), you have a very discouraged pastor.

I see Pastor Appreciation Day as not just one day for paying tribute to pastors but 365 days for honoring pastors (OK, 366 days for honoring pastors in leap years).

Make Each Day Of The Week Pastor Appreciation Day For Several Reasons:

  1. First of all, expressing pastor appreciation pleases God. In scripture, pastor appreciation is a key focus for churches from God's point of view.
  2. Second, Pastor appreciation makes a church look good to the community. There is witness in expressing pastor appreciation so why not have a daily witness to your community by creatively treating your pastor as someone special every day.
  3. Third, paying tribute to your pastor lifts up the position of pastor, makes special God's calling to ministry.
  4. Suggestions For Honoring Your Pastor Today

    1. Pray for your pastor and do so as if spiritual warfare is taking place.
    2. Brag on your pastor and do so as if you think your pastor is called by God to serve your church.
    3. Give a pastor appreciation gift anonymously to make your pastor think it is from anyone and everyone in your congregation.
    4. Make sure your pastor has a day off, doing so as if observing a Sabbath is important to God.
    5. Ask your pastor "How can I help you?" as if you are a partner in ministry.
    6. Send a card expressing words of discouragement as if your pastor gets discouraged at times.

    Creating An Atmosphere of Appreciation

    By now you are probably on a roll as to how to make pastor appreciation day a special daily focus, a way to create an atmosphere of pastor appreciation.

    There are so many pastor appreciation gift ideas you can think up on your own simply because this atmosphere of appreciation and gratitude exists.

    Don't be surprised when your church experiences growth because of a positive atmosphere of pastor appreciation.

    Happy Pastor Appreciation Day!

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