Pastor and First Lady Appreciation Service

by Faith
(San Luis Obispo, CA, USA)

Pastor Appreciation Service By Association of Churches

The Coast Counties Missionary Baptist District Association Churches in San Luis Obispo County as a whole come together, all 9 churches, for a multi-congregation pastor appreciation service.

We celebrate each Pastors and First Lady on the anniversary of the month they began their ministry service to their own particular church congregation.

Pastor Appreciation Celebration Program

Appreciative church members dine together before these pastor honoring services in the local church's dining areas where we enjoy the fellowship.

We do up a pastor appreciation program which has a special theme and includes a scriptural focus for this area wide pastor appreciation event. Letters are sent inviting our sister churches to come and worship with us and take part in the program.

Each local church Pastor and Wife are escorted to a designated place of honor. Since this is a Pastor Appreciation Sunday, they are not to work that day, relieved of doing the pastoral duties of a typical Sunday so that they can just enjoy the service.

We have a master of ceremonies who provides direction to the service, which includes the following tributes to the pastor and his wife:

  • words of encouragement to the pastor from other pastors;

  • words of appreciation and encouragement to the pastor's
    wife from her friends who are also wives of pastors (First Lady to First Lady);

  • church members expressing love and appreciation as they share what the Pastor and or Wife means to them.

Our Church Choirs sing special songs to honor pastors, followed by a sermon paying tribute to pastors. The service is concluded with an invitation to a deeper spiritual commitment by those attending this service of appreciation.

Churches honor their pastor and his wife by presenting gifts from the Pastor's church. We truly have a blessed celebration and look forward to this annual pastor appreciation event with great anticipation as we show our Pastor and First Lady just how much we love and appreciate them.

Each San Luis Obispo County Church Celebrates A Pastor Appreciation Day

Every year each separate congregation has a Pastor and Wife's Appreciation Service when that local congregation pays tribute to their pastor and the pastor's wife for the work they have done.

Every Day Pastor Appreciation Day

May this pastor appreciation idea prompt other churches to honor their pastor.

Our prayer is that other churches realize they are blessed by God to have Pastors and their spouses in their lives.

May this article remind Christians everywhere that our pastors should be appreciated not only once a year but every day!

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