Pack the Church

by Carmen
(Milo, Iowa )

Pastor Appreciation Without Great Cost

Our church struggles financially so we could not do anything that costly. Here is how we celebrated pastor appreciation without incurring expenses.

Invite Friends and Family To Join In On Pastor Appreciation

We put a note in our monthly church newsletter that for Pastor Appreciation Sunday we wanted to pack the church to honor the pastor. Everyone was encouraged to plan on coming and bring a friend or two to show appreciation for our pastor.

Pastor Appreciation Skit Idea

In the letter we also stated to be sure to thank the pastor for her hard work and all she does for the church.

We have a Tween Sunday School Class and they did the 2-4-6-8 cheer skit to show appreciation for the pastor. They started the skit right after the children's story time so the tween group also did the children's story for the pastor. Their chosen topic was on how we can show appreciation.

Additional Pastor Appreciation Expressions

Also a part of our pastor appreciation festivities:

  • all the kids signed a pastor appreciation card before church service,

  • the pastor's favorite pie had been made,

  • she liked Reeses Peanut Butter Cups so we make a cross using the cups which we presented to her,

  • flowers were presented to the pastor from the kids,

  • kids showed appreciation by giving the pastor a hug (which she enjoyed).

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