Motown Sunday

by Cristina
(Chicago, Il)

Motown Classics Spark Musical Theme

Our Pastors love the Motown classics and so we decided to let their musical taste become the basis of Motown Sunday.

Since Christian Gospel music is now their listening choice, we let the secular music of their youth define our pastor appreciation theme.
Truth be told, Motown music is something that they learned to love at a young age and years later if they hear a Motown song being played the can still remember all of the lyrics.

Motown Lyrics Rewritten

For our Appreciate the Pastor Day we took many of the Motown classics and re-wrote the lyrics to be more God centered.

The men on our Worship Team wore afro's and big collars, the ladies wore beehives, high hair and retro clothing.

We sang songs like "Stop, wait a minute Holy Spirit...." (Mr. Postman) and "Can't Hurry God" (Can't Hurry Love).

The church and our pastors absolutely LOVED it. A year later they are still talking about our Motown Sunday. We had a blast doing this!

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