Money Gift Is Cold Hard Cash


Diane Prewitt (Exeter, MO) Shares Gift Of Cash Idea

"Cash gifts are a popular way to express appreciation and this Money Gift gives new meaning to frozen assets."

(Take This Money Gift Idea To The Bank!)

Pastor Appreciation Cash Gift

Pastor Appreciation Cash Gift

Giving Money Always Appreciated

A gift of cash has long been a simple way to give to those we want to honor. During these challenging times economically, this cash gift idea sounds rather cold.

Frozen Assets Takes On New Meaning

Diane shares her cool money gift idea this way:

  • I collected our cash donations, both coins and paper money.

  • Next I took a dishpan and froze layers of water in it and after each layer, added loose coins and paper money placed in zip-lock bags.

  • It was full to the top and you could see the money throughout the block.

  • He had to thaw his pastor appreciation money gift to collect all his money gift.

Even though a little church with limited funds, Solid Rock Baptist Church in Exeter MO really enjoyed giving our pastor some "Cold Hard Cash". It really fun to present him with this variation of a money gift.

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