Luxurious Dining Experience At Chateau Ballroom

by Minister Cherry
(Baltimore, Maryland)

Fine Dining At Upscale Restaurant:

Welcome to the Chateau Ballroom, an upscale eating establishment we also call our Fellowship Hall.

We have a large fellowship hall that seats about 60-100 people. We often gather there to watch games, eat, and have other activities.

Whenever we dine in the fellowship/dining hall we call it the "Chateau Ballroom".

Gifts Of Appreciation Presented

Immediately following morning service, each Ministry Group (Youth, choir, media, ushers, etc) presented our Pastor with their gifts, cards, and words of appreciation.

The gifts included were given and tributes to the pastor expressed: The appreciation gifts included:

  • gift cards to his favorite restaurant,

  • a day at the spa,

  • cards with money,

  • or various gift certificates.

Chauffeured Limo Ride

Then his dinner invitation was read aloud. It was dinner for two (he and his wife) in the Chateau Ballroom.

Here are the ingredients for the special appreciation dinner:

  • We had a member escort him to their car to chauffeur he and his wife back to the restaurant (church fellowship hall). They simply drove him around the block.

  • When our pastor got in the car we had a single red rose and box of chocolates for his wife and him on the seat.

  • Upon arriving back at the fine dining restaurant, they were greeted by the hostess who took their names and asked if they had reservations.

  • Then the waitress, another church member, escorted them to the dining hall where they were handed a menu (made by a church member) and had a candlelight dinner for two.

Dinner Is Served

The dinner included drinks, appetizer, main course, and dessert. It was catered by another church member.

  • Appetizers included, shrimp cocktail with salad and bread.

  • The main course for this fine dining experience included lobster tails, blackened salmon, and chicken breast, garlic roasted potatoes, vegetable medley, and string bean with roasted red peppers.

  • We gave them red wine (red grape sparkling cider, and white wine (white grape sparkling cider).

They dined to instrumental jazz by candlelight. We had their waiter, cook, hostess, and chauffeur all dress in black pants, white shirts with bow ties, and black slacks.

To make this a memorable dining experience our honored guests had a menu, ate on fine china, and drank real crystal glassware.

All the items were donated so it cut down on cost. We even typed up a bill that said Entree, $75.00, Appetizer $25.00, Your facial expression, Priceless, Total Due: $0 -Jesus Paid it All.

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