Latch Hook Rug Artwork Gift


Anita from Florence, South Carolina shares this Latch Hook Art Story

"Latch hook artwork is a craft hobby many of us are into, so a Latch Hook Project resulted in our hand crafted gift."

Latch Hook Rug Gift

One year we made a latch hook rug art piece depicting the Good Shepherd holding a lamb and had it framed.

We have many members who have craft hobbies and so try to honor our Pastor by giving simple gifts, many made by us such as the latch hook artwork.

Several members took turns sharing how our Pastor had truly been an example of Jesus in their lives. Then we presented him with the framed latch hook picture and a love offering.

We concluded our appreciation time we had a big meal in his honor.

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Financial Gift Expresses Pastor Appreciation

This past year we had his son sing a special song for him and his daughter-in-law did an interpretive dance to the song. Then we had ten members to stand up and good naturedly roast him and his wife. They were laughing so hard we saw them wiping tears from their eyes.

Several other members got up and spoke from their hearts words of thanks and appreciation. After this we adjourned to the fellowship hall and had a meal of their favorite foods. Before they left we presented him and his wife with a Monetary Thank You Gift.

Keep Pastor Appreciation Simple

One thing we have learned is that our pastor appreciates even the simple things. Just letting him and his wife know they are loved means a lot and it doesn't have to be some huge elaborate function.

We are a small church and are a lot like a family. So, it means a lot to have the "brothers and sisters" give from their hearts. I truly believe most pastors are like this and they are truly deserving of our gratitude and love at ALL times.

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