Last Minute Pastor
Appreciation Gift Idea

Last Minute Pastor Appreciation Gift Idea
Still Expresses Appreciation

If you need a last minute pastor appreciation gift idea, I have a great resource: Amazon.  

It is kind of neat that we have such a resource for this gift giving malady of waiting until the last minute when it comes to giving gifts. My wife says the internet reinforces my procrastination yet she never complains when I give her an Amazon card.

Giving gift cards may just be the perfect gift giving idea that will let your pastor know that your love is up to date.

Amazon Gift Cards Fit
The Last Minute Gift Idea Need

Yes, I have a reputation for waiting till the last minute when it comes to gift giving.  Those in my life light up when receiving an Amazon Gift Card and I am guessing your pastor will too.

So click on the following link if you too need a quick gift idea that will be greatly appreciation by your pastor and anyone else in your life needing a tangible expression of your love and gratitude

Last Minute Appreciation Gift Idea

The above link will take you to the Amazon Gift Card Store and you will be amazed at the possibilities.

In fact, you may just want to stock up because you know that there are more times coming when you will need a last minute gift.  (We procrastinators use the same approach for all of our gift giving needs.)

And below is another source for pastor appreciation cards and gifts from a Christian Gift Center which also provides last minute gift giving ideas.

Last Minute Gifts Still Express Appreciation

Ok, I am a gift giving procrastinator.  Maybe there is a group called Gift Giving Procrastinators Anonymous yet I have an idea that I will most likely continue to wait til the last moment.

There could be all kinds of reasons for your last minute pastor appreciation gift approach. Someone may have dropped the ball and it is late Saturday night before the last Sunday of Pastor Appreciation Month.

It could be that nobody took responsibility for making sure your church honored your pastor. 

So rather than beating yourself up over this, go ahead and do what I do in my procrastination gift giving approach -- give an Amazon Gift Card.

Thanksgiving Gift Cards
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