How to write in a journal

Journaling Skills to document life

How to write in a journal involves documenting life events, emotions and feelings, and daily activities.  Yet there is so much more to journaling if we understand  we have been created by God to fulfill God's will and purpose!

Keeping a journal reveals
the fingerprints of god! 

Learning how to write in a journal is not easy for some of us.  We are busy people living life one day at a time.   Those days seem to run together for me and soon they are a blur in my memory.  I, land people like me, find it difficult to answer the question "What is God doing in your life?"

Others find it easy to record in their journal (or journals) life events, their feelings, significant relationships, and ultimately, what God is doing in their lives.  They find it easy to testify to others how God is working in every area of life and every relationship they have.

How to write journal entries to 
Show that God Answers Prayer

When asked "Does God answer prayer"? the journaler can share quite easily how God has answered their prayers!  They have document how God has guided them in answer to their petition for God to lead them in career decisions, difficult relationships,  and financial challenges.

Ultimately, Journaling Answers
One Key question.

How to write in your journals so as to answer this powerful question: "What in the world are you doing for Christ's sake?"

As followers of Christ, our journal entries will reveal how you and I are obeying the Lord in our lives as Christians. 

We believe Jesus is Lord and writing in journals shows exactly how that belief is demonstrated in daily decisions and actions.

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