Honoring Our Pastor

by Connie Martin

Appreciation Idea For Honoring Our Pastor

This simple idea for giving tribute to pastors focuses on how a pastor has impacted the life of individual church members and friends.

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Tribute To Pastor

Connie shares her pastor appreciation idea for honoring pastors, which is to have members of the congregation express their appreciation by sharing a simple tribute to the pastor highlighting how their life has be blessed through the ministry of our pastor.

Pastor Appreciation Theme

Those honoring our pastor were asked to stand and tell how he or she appreciates the pastor. Those paying tribute to the pastor shared how the pastor had touched their life in a very specific way.

Honoring Pastors Through Floral Gifts

At the conclusion of their tribute honoring the pastor, each one who expressed appreciation for the pastor presented the pastor with a rose.

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Our pastor appreciation day was very special for our church as people shared how our pastor's ministry had made a difference in their lives

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