Giving Gift Baskets
To Express Appreciation

Gift Baskets Great Pastor Appreciation Gifts

Giving gift baskets as a pastor appreciation gift was one of the ideas for expressing appreciation that more than one reader shared.

Turns out that several others churches have discovered this to be a great way to show their appreciation.

Kristine's Idea For Honoring Pastors

After reviewing what readers had submitted as Ideas For Pastor Appreciation, Kristine from Houston, Texas, shared her pastor honoring idea.

A wonderful way to show your Pastor and your Pastor's wife appreciation is making individual baskets full of goodies and specially chosen items you know each of them will enjoy!

Pastors are such giving people and their wives are too, that they seldom spend money on the little pleasures that we often enjoy in our own life.

A simple thank you card with a special love offering tucked in it is a gift that will truly touch their hearts!

Seasonal Themes Throughout The Year

Remember that pastor appreciation is an attitude, not an event, so there are many variations that can be done throughout the year.

The seasons of the year can what determines the content you use and that can be true for holidays and special events.

Kristine's idea for honoring pastors is simple yet is one of those gifts that keeps on giving.

If my family's response is any indication of the delight people get from a gift basket, this pastor appreciation gift will be a hit with the pastor and the pastor's family.

What made our experience so much fun for us was the number of small items included. You get a lot of "Look at this" comments that keep on coming as the basket full of gifts is explored.

Having a variety of items is sure to please the various taste buds of the family. Each of our children zeroed in on a favorite item, unique to their own likes.

There were the favorite items that the whole family could enjoy. And when the children were young, there was the added blessing of teaching those continual lessons on sharing with others.

Gift Basket Themes

The variations of the themes can run all the way from soup to nuts and even sport theme gift baskets.

Let your creativity flow as you think up various themes, drawing on hobbies, seasons, snack foods, and even countries and cultures.

The themes for your gift basket will make this the type of pastor appreciation gift that can be changed and used again and again.

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